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Possums may appear to be very cute animals but they are extremely harmful creatures that can destroy your property. Are you looking to remove and relocate these possums? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Contact us for Possum Removal Adelaide and get the best and the most efficient services. We own the most reliable team of professionals. They are specialists in possum catching and removal. Availing the services from a certified possum removal service provider will ensure that the creatures are safely removed without causing any harm to them. Our services also environmentally friendly and cost-effective. We are ready to serve you at any hour of the day.
Possum Removal Services In Adelaide

Three Effective Steps We Take To Possum Proof Your Home

Possum Removals

Possum Removals

We follow the best methodologies to remove the possums from your residence. Our team is specialized in identifying their entry points and taking necessary measures to remove them.
Possum Proofing

Possum Proofing

We make sure that all the entry points are properly covered to prevent them from getting back. We also ensure that all the guidelines are followed so that there is no problem in the future.
Possum Box Sales and Installation

Possum Box Sales and Installation

You can buy possum boxes from us or you can also avail of its installation services. Possum boxes will prevent the animals from entering your residence by providing a different home for them. Our Possum Removal Adelaide team installs these in nearby places and ensures that your home space is possum-free.

Possums And Their Behaviours That Can Damage Your Property

They are irritating and can cause different problems for people and their properties.
  • Possums can destroy electrical wires which can lead to a fire break out. Also, it may cost you a lot of money to get those fixed.
  • Possums can urinate which can damage your ceilings. It may lead to the development of tough stains.
  • The presence of possums can cause bad odours inside your living space. Also, the smell produced by a dead possum is unbearable.
  • They can make new holes or expand an existing hole in your home for their entry.
  • They can make your ceiling insulation ineffective by shifting it and making their own space.
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Tips To Control A Troublesome Possum

  • Overhanging Branches: Possums have a tendency to climb up trees for food. To prevent them, it is important that the overhanging tree branches are kept short. The branches at the lower level should also be taken care of, as these can provide easy means for them to get into your home.
  • Gaps: Make sure that any gaps or holes are sealed off with high-quality sealants and check whether it is strong enough to keep the possums away from your house.
  • Placing some Nesting Boxes: You can use a nesting box to provide space for the possums and prevent them from getting onto your roofs. The box can be placed anywhere maybe in a tree or any safe place on your property. You may keep fruits or other items to attract these animals.

We Have Possum Removal Experts In Adelaide Trained From The Following

  • Cm3 Contractor OHS/WHS Prequalification and Management: When it comes to contractor safety management, Cm3 is the best in Australia. Cm3 realizes the needs for both contractors and the organizations they do the work for to exhibit contractor safety and health management capabilities. They also provide the organizations proper assistance for better management of contractors about health and safety needs.
  • SAM 4 Schools: When it is a matter of risk and compliance management, SAM 4 Schools is an online platform that assists schools and their providers of goods or services. It helps to keep an updated register for service providers and helps schools to fulfil their commitments and requirements.
  • AEPMA- Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association: We are a member of the prestigious Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association. Set high standards in this industry and is also known for providing pest control information to users.
Possum Removal Adelaide

Our Possum Removal Services Are Available For The Following People In Adelaide

  • Real Estate Agents and Body Corporate: We offer the best solutions for real estate agents and body corporate. We guarantee services with the desired results and make sure that your job becomes easier. Our team is well versed with the requirements of our clients and they do their job with utmost efficiency.
  • Private Landlords: We own the best team for Possum Removal Adelaide that provides possum control services of the highest standards for private landlords. We ensure that your property is completely safe by thorough inspection and removal of the animals.
  • Home Owners: We are here to put an end to the problems caused by possums to homeowners. We address all issues faced by our clients and ensure that possums are removed and relocated without any harm. If you need professional services at reasonable prices, we are the right choice for you.
Expert Possum Removal Adelaide

We Are Available 24/7 For Possum Removal In Adelaide Local Regions

At Possum Removal Adelaide, we are committed to delivering excellence. Our main aim is to ensure customer satisfaction. Our experts available 24/7 for people living in and around Adelaide. You can reach out to us for our services or any queries that you may have related to possums. Our customer service team is highly efficient and they will address your issues instantly. We have a team of licensed, certified and vastly experienced possum catchers, so you can always expect the best from us. You can always rely on us as our services are safe for your family and as well as the environment. Also, our services come at pretty affordable rates. So, without any hesitation, give us a call today to get the best solutions for possum removal in Adelaide.

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How can I get rid of possums?

You can use essential oils as repellents or chemical repellents for getting rid of possums. Secure your house from blocking the entry points of possums. Further, possums are tough to remove from your property. Hence, it is very important to seek professional help for safe possum removal.

Can we poison possums in Adelaide?

No! You can’t poison possums. All possums are protected by the government under the National Park and Wildlife Act 1974. According to this act, it is illegal to kill or poison possums. Luckily, you can take help from the Possum Removal Adelaide team since ours is a licensed company.

What attracts the possums to your house?

Overflowing and odorous trash cans will attract possums. Since these consist of junk and garbage. Also, the compost heaps and other waste containing containers that are without lids will attract possums. Possums also set their habitats in moist places, since it aids in survival. If your property is near a drainage or garbage dumping yard, your property is most likely to attract possums.